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Great flavor but they could do a better job with …

Great flavor but they could do a better job with …

We recently received a review for Deliver with the title “Great flavor but they could do a better job with …” and then the person adding “Great flavor but they could do a better job with the syringe/dropper, the quality is low and it doesn't hold all the liquid.”  It was surprising to hear and a little disappointing because Detroit Vitamin focuses on quality not just on the best tasting liquid B12 Methylcobalamin, but the whole package including the dropper.  The reviews so far for Deliver have been great and this was a bit surprising even for the dropper itself.  There was no complaints about the dropper.  At the end of the day you can’t please everybody but we do focus on a great tasting B12 that does the job with a great message/story to tell.  

This is feedback, and there’s 2 things you can do with feedback.  Reject it and let the ego get in the way or learn from it and do it better next time.  Droppers are important because they capture the right amount of liquid to help get the most benefit.  Too much or too little depends on personal preference.  Deliver is water soluble so little or much can only help and do no harm.  It’s personal preference or what your doctor recommends.  Again if you use Deliver correctly, it will help deliver you results.  So what is Detroit Vitamin going to do about the droppers?  We immediately contacted our co-packer who helps make Deliver and let them know what was going on.  

They told us they were having issues with their supplier and are currently working with a new supplier.  As of right now, when you’re reading this, the issue has been corrected, and Deliver has brand new droppers that WILL NOT fail on you or your MONEY BACK, GUARANTEED.  It is Detroit Vitamin Company’s responsibility and policy to make sure that customers are 100% satisfied. For this reason Deliver has new and improved droppers that will not leak and are good quality.  By now the issue is corrected.


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