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It's Wedding Season so Load Up on B12!

It's Wedding Season so Load Up on B12!

Spring time is here and that means wedding season is amongst us.  Actually, any time of the year is a good time for a wedding depending on the circumstances.  I recently got married on March 26th and the day (or should I say entire week) was long and nerve-racking.  You are probably wondering what do weddings have to do with B12?  I’m getting to that and it ties in.  Your energy is all over the place, mood is fluctuating, the focus is either on one thing or a million things, the memory is trying to take it all in, the nerves are anxious/excited, and overall you want to be 110% during the greatest day of your life!  

This is the part that a lot of people told my bride and I to breathe, which we did a lot of.  It was an extremely busy week taking care of all the final details and getting everything together.  Family and friends coming to town, girl time, guy time, rehearsal dinners, and then the big day which begins as soon as you get up in the morning and hit the ground running.  Breakfast, shower, getting the groomsmen together, at the venue by noon, getting ready, an hour later waiting anxiously to get the first look at the bride, 3 hours of pictures, 45 minute ceremony, 3 hour party to celebrate, a 2 hour after party, and then finally alone time with the wife.  An exciting joyous day that can take a lot out of you and I can see why the honeymoon is such a huge deal.  It’s just one day, I get that, but you want to be in the moment, make the most of it, and enjoy it without being a groomzilla/bridezilla.  Feeling good, focused, balanced, and energized, I can’t stress that enough.  

There are million things going on and you want something extra that will help during the whole week with balance and energy, B12.  No I was not talking about alcohol but we did use it to mix in our drinks; wine and tequila to be exact.  It’s water-soluble and made it taste good.  We have the video of it which can be seen on our Instagram @Detroit_Vitamin.  It wasn’t just a lot on the bride and I, also our parents and the wedding party.  My wife, who can do a million things at once, found that taking B12 made the day seem smoother, and felt more grounded.  B12 helped out major.  During the wedding speeches, our matron of honor raved about it during her speech on how it saved the day!  It shows that B12 is a powerhouse.  

So not all B12’s are created equal.  Detroit Vitamin’s Deliver liquid B12 is different.  It’s great tasting, vegan-friendly, no sugar, no crash, mixes well in any beverage, and quick absorption to help benefit with balance and energy to embrace the day.  If you are getting married soon, congratulations!  Deliver liquid B12 will help make those special moments feel a little more smoother.



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