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Happy Mother's Day from DVC! Thank You to All the Moms!

Happy Mother's Day from DVC!  Thank You to All the Moms!


Detroit Vitamin wants to wish all the mother’s and mother figures alike a healthy and happy Mother’s Day.  To the Mother’s who have gone far and beyond, inspired, motivated, nurtured, encouraged, protected, believed, and raised us, THANK YOU!  It’s tough and crazy being a mother, young or old.  It can be draining but extremely well worth it in the end.  The right source of energy and balance is necessary to get through those challenging tasks to be the BEST mom you can be.  Yes coffee can help but since this is a B12 blog, the obvious answer is Deliver liquid B12.  Nobody wants to feel burned out and unbalanced especially during those crucial times when you’re needed the most.  Deliver can help regain that extra energy, balance and focus to help get through those challenging, stressful, moments.  Mom or not B12 is needed to maintain focus and regularly needed on a daily basis.  With Deliver its convenient.  Rather than a pill or capsule, its liquid making it easier to absorb and consume in any beverage you want (try mixing it with wine while unwinding) or sublingual under your tongue and start feeling better fast.  If you’re feeling B12 deficiency symptoms such as brain fog, lack of focus, and irritability, it could be lack of B12.  In those cases consult your doctor and see if Deliver liquid B12 is right for you.  Again Deliver can help ease those symptoms.  With the right source on energy, Deliver can help mothers or anyone do more and feel good!  Again to all the mothers out there, happy Mother’s Day!

As a reminder we will be back May 25th.  Check out our Honeymoon post.  Until then you can order Deliver on our Amazon order clicking here!  Please email us at and we will get back to you then.  Thank you everyone

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