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Monthly Archives: June 2017

  • Deliver Liquid B12 Has A New Look!

    Deliver Liquid B12 Has A New Look!

    We are proud to announce that Deliver Liquid B12 by Detroit Vitamin has changed.  Changed its look that is.  Deliver has a new label and it will be available later this July.  Same great taste with all the helpful benefits of increased energy, focus, mood, and memory protection.  Again Deliver has stayed the same except the label, which we at Detroit Vitamin are happy about.  It pops, it’s clean cut.  We even noticed from the old label that there was a stop sign around B12.  Really a stop sign?!?  Someone pointed this out and we noticed.  We can laugh about it now and look back.  It was obviously giving off the wrong subliminal message.  For the record Detroit Vitamin doesn’t stop, we go!  We are open to feedback, we utilize it to learn, move forward, and grow Detroit Vitamin into the exciting, motivating brand that it is meant to be!  One step at a time.  You can send all your feedback and suggestions to us at and we will get back to you ASAP.    With the changes going on, we are having a sale throughout July when you use promo code JULYSPECIAL and get an additional 10% off your order plus FREE shipping and handling.  Changes are coming and we are getting healthy!

    New label, same great taste and benefits!

  • It’s a Cruel Summer. Use the RIGHT B12 and You’ll Have a COOL Summer!

    It’s a Cruel Summer.  Use the RIGHT B12 and You’ll Have a COOL Summer!


    Temperatures are rising to 90 degrees and summer is just seconds away (Wednesday, June 21st).  Depending on where you live warm weather will last for about 3 to 4 months.  It’s sunny, warm, school is out, and more people are outside doing summertime stuff.  Some people sadly can’t handle the heat.  It’s scientifically proven that hotter temperatures can make people aggressive, impatient, or even violent, and that’s just cruel!  It’s nice outside, it’s warm, the sun is giving off vitamin D (a good mood vitamin) and yet sadly it's a very busy time for law enforcement.  You would think colder temperatures and lack of sun would make us uncomfortable but science says the hotter the temperature the crankier people get and it can have a huge domino effect on everyone.  It is said that warmer temperatures can increase heart rate, testosterone, and other metabolic reactions that trigger the sympathetic NERVOUS SYSTEM, which is responsible for the fight-or-flight response, so people are more inclined to fight.  WOW!  I’m not a violent person but I get how a lot of factors can bring out the worst in people especially factors we don’t even expect.  The one thing that can help you stay grounded, and protect your sympathetic nervous system is to take the right B12 frequently, a couple times a day even.  This will help with a better mood and ENERGY because the hot temperatures make people feel tired too.  Deliver is water soluble, easy to take, fast absorbing, and it mixes great in an icy cold glass of lemonade.  If there’s 2 things you need to do this summer its this.  1. use sunblock if you’re playing outside.  And 2, take Deliver Liquid B12 to help ease that summertime aggression by protecting the sympathetic nervous system.   Follow these rules and you’ll have a COOL summer!




    Things are getting exciting for Detroit Vitamin Company.  My wife and I had the privilege to stop by and network with a local BNI group talking about the benefits of Deliver in the workplace.  Lots of entrepreneurs and businessmen can easily get drained quickly.  We’ve all been there.  It’s 2:30 and we need a nap.  Or you’re at your job all day into the evening, trying to take care of tasks and you get loopy.  Possibly hangry and thirsty too.  During this time it’s probably best to grab something to eat or drink and if possible taking the right vitamins to get you through the day such as B12.  Just like taking protein powder after a workout to build muscle, workers need something to get through the day and this is where the best kind of B12 comes into play, Deliver.  When you’re antsy to get back home, and you’re trying to focus on getting the job done to reap the benefits; pills, capsules, or energy shots won't cut it.  You want fast absorption, that tastes great, and can easily be taken to feel energetic relief rather than swallowing pills/capsules or taking sugary/caffeine infused liquid shots that will keep you jittery into the witching hour.  Deliver will boost your energy, enhance your focus, and improve your mood NATURALLY without a crash.  Deliver B12 Drops are also vegan and vegetarian friendly with NO sugar, starch, salt, wheat, gluten, yeast, milk, soy derivatives, or stimulants.  And it’s made in the USA so you’re for sure making a difference in the workforce ;).  With an extra boost of naturally energy, more can possibly be accomplished each day on the job.  Deliver can help with productivity too.  Just shows you that the little things do count.  So overall what did BNI think of it Detroit Vitamin and Deliver?  It was all good!

  • The Honeymoon was Awesome, WE ARE BACK!

    The Honeymoon was Awesome, WE ARE BACK!

    Hey everyone!  We had an awesome/special honeymoon in Turks & Caicos.   My wife and I truly earned it.  We even extended our stay for a couple extra days.  We had so much energy to explore, relax, and just celebrate our love for one another.  If you’re not familiar with Turks & Caicos its an island in the Caribbean right near Jamaica.  They’re known for their turkish looking cactuses (hence the name) and incredible sea life.  We ate, drank, scuba dived, conc dived, and then some.  Traveling to exotic/paradise locations is worth the trip and can be exhausting.  For us we had the stress of flight delays, buzzed from drinks, full from food, and got a bad sunburn.  Proud to say it was all worth it in the end!  As for Deliver B12 by Detroit Vitamin, it helped us out a lot and we made new friends (and customers) in the process.  Deliver helped boost my wife’s mood to seize the day with me and savor every moment of it.  I truly believe B12 helps keep you in the moment and enjoy more when the times are right, especially on a vacation or honeymoon.  It gave us energy to explore the resort and scuba dived.  I was very hesitant of scuba diving because I haven’t done it in like 15 years but my wife is certified.  I was worried but I took a dropper full of Deliver to ease nervous tension and explore the underwater world of Turks & Caicos.  Overall Deliver helped us enjoy the days during the honeymoon.  It helped ease our hangovers the next day, gave us energy, kept us from getting bit by bugs, eased digestion, made new friends, and just overall have enjoying our honeymoon.  At the end we were “grouchy” that the honeymoon went by quick, but we enjoyed every moment of it and we’re excited to be back home!

    As a special thank you to all, use promo code THANKYOU5000 and get $10 off and FREE shipping and handling on your first order of Deliver.

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