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Deliver Liquid B12 Has A New Look!

Deliver Liquid B12 Has A New Look!

We are proud to announce that Deliver Liquid B12 by Detroit Vitamin has changed.  Changed its look that is.  Deliver has a new label and it will be available later this July.  Same great taste with all the helpful benefits of increased energy, focus, mood, and memory protection.  Again Deliver has stayed the same except the label, which we at Detroit Vitamin are happy about.  It pops, it’s clean cut.  We even noticed from the old label that there was a stop sign around B12.  Really a stop sign?!?  Someone pointed this out and we noticed.  We can laugh about it now and look back.  It was obviously giving off the wrong subliminal message.  For the record Detroit Vitamin doesn’t stop, we go!  We are open to feedback, we utilize it to learn, move forward, and grow Detroit Vitamin into the exciting, motivating brand that it is meant to be!  One step at a time.  You can send all your feedback and suggestions to us at and we will get back to you ASAP.    With the changes going on, we are having a sale throughout July when you use promo code JULYSPECIAL and get an additional 10% off your order plus FREE shipping and handling.  Changes are coming and we are getting healthy!

New label, same great taste and benefits!

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