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Monthly Archives: July 2017

  • What Has Detroit Vitamin Been Up To This Summer?

    What Has Detroit Vitamin Been Up To This Summer?

    Summer is halfway done and Detroit Vitamin has been keeping busy.  Besides the random road trip my wife and I took during July 4th weekend to the west coast of MI, we are rolling out Deliver’s new look and BETTER THAN EVER DROPPERS!  #DropperLikeItsHot.  The new droppers will help prevent spilling and most importantly controlling the amount of B12 liquid that is desired.  Whether you like to take it under the tongue or mixed with any beverage of your choice, Detroit Vitamin has you covered.  We had an issue, we corrected it, and we learned!  We are confident you will be pleased with our new look, the dropper, and our great tasting B12 Deliver or you’ll get your money back guarantee within 30 days.  In fact we will include FREE shipping and handling and 10% off when you use promo code JULYSPECIAL at the end of checkout.  Also we’ve been updating our facebook, instagram, and twitter frequently with helpful motivational messages that connect with Detroit Vitamin Company’s message #WeAreGettingHealthy.

    As a quick reminder, once again, if you’re feeling weak, tired, light-headed, shallow breathing, sore tongue, brain fog and upset stomach, those can be signs of low B12 levels.  Check out Deliver by Detroit Vitamin to help eliminate these symptoms of deficiency and use promo code JULYSPECIAL and get 10% off and FREE SHIPPING.
    Until next time I leave you guys with this motivational meme!
    Nathan & Ashley

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